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A Good Suit

21 Apr A Good Suit

Journalist, author, and fashion editor for Town & Country Magazine Bruce Boyer is a sartorial dresser and one of the most eloquent writers in the menswear industry. He explains the importance of good dress quite succinctly……

“Some people think clothes aren’t important, while others think they’re everything. In my writing and in my wardrobe I’ve tried to walk that fine line between those two extremes. A good suit is not a cure for cancer or global warming, but it is important to present yourself with confidence. It may be superficial, but we must leave the deeper aspects of our souls to priests, psychiatrists, and late night reflections.”

The quote is a bit whimsical, yet he makes a salient point. Your clothing will not make you successful. It will not make you someone you are not. However good grooming and dress will position you for success. Dressing well accomplishes two important objectives. The moment someone meets you they make all sorts of important assumptions and value judgements about who you are, your trustworthiness, and your social status simply based on how you present yourself and the way you dress. Secondly your level of performance, confidence, and self-worth are all impacted by your appearance. Don’t be fooled by those who say what you wear and your appearance doesn’t matter. How you dress will impact your level of success and perhaps even your happiness!

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