How To Wear A Windowpane Suit or Jacket


How To Wear A Windowpane Suit or Jacket

Windowpane patterns with the slim lines that cross to make shapes like old style windowpanes are quite in vogue. Call it “on trend”, but there’s a much more practical reason you’re seeing more windowpane suits and sport coats… windowpane might just be the perfect pattern.

Windowpanes offer the chromatically challenged—guys who are challenged to match their clothes—an easy way to pair shirts, ties, and pocket squares with their jackets.

Perhaps the main reason guys are feeling the windowpane suit is that windowpanes are straightforward. We love our herringbones and houndstooths and glen checks and pinstripes, but there’s something simply elegant about a suit adorned only with windowpane boxes.

Who Looks Good in Windowpane?

Everybody looks good in windowpanes. Windowpanes beef up the slim guy and paradoxically have a slimming effect for the larger man. It is, in fact, it’s forgiving/flattering nature that pushes windowpanes to the top of our list of patterns. Like actual windowpanes, the windowpane pattern in your suit is not made out of squares, but rather, slightly elongated rectangles. Windowpane patterns are slightly taller than they are wide. This has the effect of slightly elongating the wearer and that’s one reason you see bigger guys wear this pattern.

How To Accessorize A Windowpane?

In a world where just the word pattern strikes fear into the hearts of some men, windowpanes are the simplist of patterns to accessorize. Of course, it’s simple to wear a solid white, blue, or contrast color shirt with your windowpane. However the real opportunity is to pair it with a tattersall check shirt that compliments the colors of your jacket. And while you are at a patternered tie/ and or pocket square adds additional flair. Of course the trick is to vary the scale of the pattern and coordinate colors to give just a dash of color to your outfit.

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