The Results Are In, Dress Your Best To Achieve New Levels Of Success

The Results Are In, Dress Your Best To Achieve New Levels Of Success

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

Edith Head, Fashion Designer & Author

It’s understood our appearance and how we dress suggests who we are and where we are going. People make all sorts of value judgements and assumptions about us simply based on our appearance. However, what many don’t consider, is how big of an impact clothing can have on our self-esteem and performance.

One of my college professors liked to tell our class – “Dress well, test well.”  So, I wore a suit every day we had a test in that class, and with the help of some studying the night before, I pulled off an “A” on every test. You may be wondering if the suit really affected my performance. The answer is a resounding; yes, but not directly. Wearing a suit boosted my confidence. Because I knew I looked good, I am assured that confidence undoubtedly helped boost my performance. And the results certainly speak for themselves. So now I wear a suit for every big moment in my life.

Consequently, I give the same advice to you. The next step is to make certain your suit looks good on you and that’s how we at Executive Image can help. You will look and feel your best in our custom garments made “just for you”.

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